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Consulting & Coaching

Consulting and Coaching to Help You Master the Sales Process

Bespoke consulting and coaching from award-winning ‘pitch coach’ Nathan Williams

Consulting & Coaching

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Implement a Consistent Message
Be easy to buy from
Develop Your Client Stories
Optimise client engagement
Get a Compelling Sales Process
Attract more ideal clients, faster

Meet Nathan Williams:
The Pitch Coach

After owning multiple businesses over 20 years, Nathan now works with financial, marketing, and professional services firms to craft clear sales messages and processes which win more clients.

He delivers tailored consulting and coaching services for businesses ranging from start – ups to corporates in the areas of pitching, sales, and referrals.

His engaging content and practical strategies will help you perfect your pitch, ramp up referrals and transform your sales process so you can win more ideal clients.

Consulting and Coaching to transform your sales process:


Is your message on point, or a bit all over the shop?

Confusion is costly. Implementing a clear, concise, and compelling message consistently makes you easier to buy from.

  • Website, brochures, and video content
  • Slide decks, proposals, and email marketing
  • LinkedIn profile and social media content

Do you use engaging stories to fast track your sales process, or is selling a bit of a grind?

Stories sell. Developing client stories for different parts of your sales process helps engage clients and make selling more enjoyable.

  • Introduction – building rapport
  • Presentation – client success stories
  • Close – overcoming objections and negotiating price

Is your sales process consistently on the money, or random and forever changing?

Consistency converts. Delivering a consistent sales process which complements your marketing will attract more of the ideal clients you deserve.

  • Lead generation campaigns and ‘discovery calls’
  • Sales questions and frameworks
  • Engaging referral partners

Join the 150+ services-based businesses that have boosted their sales

Choose from a range of delivery options to suit your business needs:

‘Done for you’

Full strategy and implementation

‘Done with you’

Full strategy and co-implementation

‘Do it yourself’

Strategy framework for you to implement

Prices start from $3,000.

Consulting and coaching can be run either in person or online with a key person or your sales team or management group in a meeting or conference setting.

  • We improved our sales results and ongoing sales capability. Our new, clearer pitch highlights our value, resulting in better overall margins.
    – George Beatty
    General Manager, Spiderbox
  • Assisted us measurably in generating new referral streams and obtaining more referrals from existing sources.
    – Bruce Gleeson
    Director, Jones Partners
  • We now have a great variety of tools to help us all talk about our business consistently and with the confidence to attract more of our ideal clients.
    – Penny Ransby
    Director, Bench Creative

    Get practical, easy to implement content to attract more of your ideal clients.