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Referral Plus Program

Avoid the Sales Slog with Regular Referrals

A 4 week program to implement a proactive strategy to ramp up your referrals

Referral Plus Program

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Turn raving fans into revenue
Get rewarded for your hard work
A clear referral strategy
No more awkward, ad hoc asks
1 referral per client / year
Maximise the value of your clients

Without consistent referrals, sales is an uphill battle.

No referrals means no certainty.

You’ve got cold leads, lower conversion rates and an untapped database. Sales can feel like one big hamster wheel. Lots of effort, little progress.

Even when you have great client relationships, you’re not getting the referrals that you deserve.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • Why don’t my clients refer more?
  • Why don’t my team ask for referrals?
  • Why does receiving referrals always feel ‘hit and miss’?

It’s time to put more certainty into your sales.

How the Referral Plus program will help you:

Get a structured referral strategy company-wide

Raving fans and random conversations are not enough to drive referrals. You need a consistent and clear process. We do the heavy lifting and create one for your exact business needs.

Have successful referral conversations within 4 weeks

Eliminate the guesswork, inaction and awkward asks. Get the right words to say to trigger more referrals and leverage your networks.

Increase your referrals by up to 50% over the next quarter

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to reap the rewards! Get clear on the message and process to drive the referrals you deserve.

Join the 150+ services-based businesses that have ramped up their referrals

What would 1 referral per client / year do for your business?

Having ‘ravings fans’ who don’t refer can leave you feeling unrewarded. If you’re relying on awkward, ad – hoc asks, you’re missing out on the referrals you deserve.

Referring can feel risky, which is why 90% of clients say they will refer, but only 10% do.

Our Referral Plus program helps your clients and referral partners understand who, how, why and when to refer, so you can close this “Referral Gap” and ensure your future growth.

  • Customer Return clearly understood the potential within our database that we were letting slip through our fingers. Their insights have now helped us increase our referral numbers by 50%.
    – Will Foster
    Director, Property Planning Australia
  • We now have a clear understanding of what we need to do to promote our services more effectively, deliver even more value and attract new business. The referral strategies made a lot of sense.
    – Martin Matthews
    Partner, PKF Newcastle
  • Our referral partners are now actively referring us clients they otherwise would not have. We’re more attractive to referrals and feel in control of the future of our business.
    – Kurt Haller
    Managing Director, Haller Wealth

    What you get with the Referral Plus program:

    Week 1

    Referral review

    We evaluate your current referral approach and provide a strategy report, outlining key priorities with timeframes to inform our workshop content.
    Week 2

    Half day workshop

    Tailor your referral strategy, messaging and process so you can get the referrals you deserve. This can be run with your sales team, management group or firm in an online/offline meeting or conference setting.
    Week 3

    Referral strategy doc

    A bespoke referral strategy doc with full content, key points and checklists for your referral opportunities, so you can ramp up your referrals.
    Week 4

    Coaching session

    Stress-test your referral strategy so you can fast track your results and ensure it keeps working for you when it counts.

    A few referral scenarios we help with:

    At Customer Return, we help clients close the gap between the 90% of clients who say they’ll refer and the 10% who do.

    Scenario 1
    Set clear referral goals & activities

    Ever wondered what the best mix of activities is to achieve your referral goals? Get the strategy to leverage your networks and boost your referrals.

    Scenario 2
    Ensure clients know who, when & how to refer

    Ever asked if your clients and referral partners know who, when and how to refer to you? Get the 1-page checklist to make your business easy to refer.

    Scenario 3
    Implement consistently to get 1 referral per client / year

    Ever pondered what it might take to get 1 referral per client/year? Get the 1 – page checklist so you can implement the habits to achieve your referral goals.

    How it works:


    Book a free referral review
    We’ll review your current approach to referrals, discuss current challenges and identify how we can help.


    Invest half a day to ramp up your referrals
    Get a clear process with our ‘5 step referral plus methodology’, so everyone is on the same page and you are easy to refer.


    Win more clients
    Equipped with the right strategy, you’ll have a steady stream of referrals boosting your company growth.

    What to expect from a free referral review:

    You’ve earned the right for referrals, but you aren’t yet getting 1 referral / client per year. Don’t let the potential of your data base slip through your fingers.

    In this call, we will:

    • Talk about your current referral strategy
    • Understand your goals, priorities and referral sources
    • Provide key recommendations to develop your referral process

    It’s time to attract more of the ideal clients you deserve.

    Getting the referrals you deserve?

    Complete our 2 minute referral self-evaluation today and receive your results (and the 3 referral risks) instantly.


    Who is this for?
    Small to large businesses benefit from Customer Return programs. We tailor our programs to your business and can run them for sales teams, management groups, or in a meeting or conference setting.
    Will this be good value?
    We never want to take on a client unless both parties are confident of getting a 3-fold return on investment within 3 months of implementation. While it’s easy to underestimate the cost of low conversion and referral rates, sub optimal client values and long sales cycles… our program is an investment in our clients’ ongoing business growth.
    Will this be a fit for our business?
    Are you selling a service in a competitive market where prospects can sometimes struggle to choose the best provider? If so, you’re the type of client our program was designed for. A compelling message will help you attract more ideal clients. Visit for over 75 testimonials from businesses like yours.
    How much time will it take?
    Our programs require approximately 8 hours investment of your time over 4 weeks, although this can be tailored to your preference and needs. Ultimately this will save you time. As you keep using your new messaging, skills and habits, you’ll attract ideal clients faster and have shorter sales meetings.
    How do you help ensure our return on investment?

    Our programs are designed to expedite your return on investment by:

    • Addressing your biggest challenges and growth opportunities
    • Outlining key risks and recommendations to optimise ongoing outcomes
    • Capturing your key content in your style, so you are comfortable using it
    • Coaching to help fast-track implementation for different scenarios
    • Tailoring content and delivering to your team dynamics and business goals
    What do you need from me during the program?
    All we ask is that you complete our pre-workshop questionnaire so we can tailor our program for you and that you participate in our workshop and coaching sessions so you can implement the content to fast track your results.

    Go from an awkward, ad-hoc ask to steady streams of inbound referrals.