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Clarify Your Sales Message & Win More Clients

Consulting, workshops & training programs to help you master the sales process.

Clarify your message
Talk less, say more
Feel more confident
Communicate your value clearly
Win more clients
Get the ideal clients you deserve

Unclear messaging is costing you clients.

People don’t buy what they don’t understand. Your message should secure clients, not leave them scratching their heads.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your ideal clients don’t always ‘get it’
  • You’re wasting money on marketing
  • Sales can feel like hard work

Businesses often struggle to create a clear message because they’re too close to it.

At Customer Return, we offer
sales training programs to help you:

Clarify your message and
master your sales process

Our bespoke training programs help you craft a message that will transform your sales process and attract more ideal clients.

Increase your new, repeat &
referral business

Sales is fickle, pitching effectively is nearly always the difference between success and failure. Learn how to get it right, every time.

Stop missing out on the clients
you deserve

Discover how to put your customers at the centre of your messaging and get more ideal clients, faster.

Your journey with us will keep attracting your ideal clients

While each step is customised, here’s an example of what it could look like:

Our programs have helped our clients transform from:



Sales guesswork

Confident closer

Outbound referral requests

Inbound referral streams

Join the 150+ services-based businesses that have won more ideal clients

Sales doesn’t have to be
a grind.

Sales is no fun if you feel like you’re ‘winging it’, beating your head against a brick wall, or if your ideal client just doesn’t ‘get it.’

But with our customer – focused messaging you can take the push out of the sales process and feel confident in all sales situations, with a clear roadmap to ensure your message is always spot on.

Rather second guessing yourself during a painful sales process, you’ll be able to talk less, sell more and save time – perfect!

“I know what it’s like to miss out on clients you deserve.”

“After owning multiple businesses over 20 years, I have experienced the frustration when people don’t ‘get it’.

It can be hard to (answer “So…what do you do?” and) stand out amongst the hype, waffle, and three letter acronyms when you’re so close to your own message.

Your business can offer a great service or have a big marketing budget, but if people don’t clearly understand why they should buy from you, you might as well be throwing sand at the wall and hoping for it to stick.”

– Nathan Williams
Founder & Lead Consultant
  • We experienced a 300% increase in leads in just three weeks and now have a more effective way of engaging prospects and attracting referrals.
    – Lambros Photios
    Director, Station Five
  • I now have more confidence conveying my message, going from a 15% conversion rate to 100% over the last 3 months.
    – Ben Weeding
    Partner, LGen Solutions
  • We now have content I can confidently use for brochures, websites and sales conversations. I’ve already seen a 40 – fold return on investment in 5 weeks.
    – Neal Ashworth
    Founder & Director, White Gorilla Developments

    How it works:


    Schedule a call
    We take the time to understand your current challenges and goals and identify how we can help.


    Clarify your message
    Ensure your message is always spot on and turn your sales process into a well-oiled machine.


    Win more clients
    Boost leads, conversions and referrals when you discover how to communicate the right message at the right time.

    Our programs are tailored to your goals:

    Each program is delivered across 4 phases


    Confirm key recommendations to win more ideal clients


    Half day workshop to develop tailored messaging and strategy


    Bespoke report with tailored messaging, strategy and implementation tips


    Coaching session to evaluate progress and fast track results


    Who is this for?
    Small to large businesses benefit from Customer Return programs. We tailor our programs to your business and can run them for sales teams, management groups, or in a meeting or conference setting.
    Will this be good value?
    We never want to take on a client unless both parties are confident of getting a 3-fold return on investment within 3 months of implementation. While it’s easy to underestimate the cost of low conversion and referral rates, sub optimal client values and long sales cycles… our program is an investment in our clients’ ongoing business growth.
    Will this be a fit for our business?
    Are you selling a service in a competitive market where prospects can sometimes struggle to choose the best provider? If so, you’re the type of client our program was designed for. A compelling message will help you attract more ideal clients. Visit for over 75 testimonials from businesses like yours.
    How much time will it take?
    Our programs require approximately 8 hours investment of your time over 4 weeks, although this can be tailored to your preference and needs. Ultimately this will save you time. As you keep using your new messaging, skills and habits, you’ll attract ideal clients faster and have shorter sales meetings.
    How do you help ensure our return on investment?

    Our programs are designed to expedite your return on investment by:

    • Addressing your biggest challenges and growth opportunities
    • Outlining key risks and recommendations to optimise ongoing outcomes
    • Capturing your key content in your style, so you are comfortable using it
    • Coaching to help fast-track implementation for different scenarios
    • Tailoring content and delivering to your team dynamics and business goals
    What do you need from me during the program?
    All we ask is that you complete our pre-workshop questionnaire so we can tailor our program for you and that you participate in our workshop and coaching sessions so you can implement the content to fast track your results.

    Go from overlooked to in-demand.