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Strategic Selling Program

Say Goodbye to Sales FOMO

A 4-week program to tailor your sales strategy & generate more revenue

Strategic Selling Program

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Structure Your Sales Process
No more ‘winging it’
Offer More Value
Be easy to buy from
Attract More Ideal Clients
Get the clients you deserve

Not mentioning your other services is hurting your business.

Most companies with 5 services have customers paying for only 1.5 of them.

While professional, service and support staff often ‘stay in their lane’, not realising the chance to offer more value is an opportunity gone begging.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • Why don’t my clients buy more?
  • How can my business offer more value?
  • Why don’t my teams cross refer clients to other services?

While getting new clients is great, don’t forget about the gold already in your database.

How the Strategic Selling program will help you:

Offer your clients more value

Get a sales strategy to best engage clients and deliver more value.

No more sales silos

Finally everyone is on the same page. Even non-sales staff will feel comfortable having sales conversations!

Increase revenue from new and existing clients

Ensure clients understand your full service offering, so they can buy more and stay longer.

Join the 150+ services-based businesses that have boosted their sales

Upselling and cross-selling can take the pressure off getting new business.

Sometimes the best sales opportunity is right under your nose.

It’s easy to talk with clients every day, but miss the opportunities to add more value.

With 15 years of experience helping companies optimise their new and repeat business, Customer Return provides you with a proven strategy to implement across your business.

  • Nathan’s ability to communicate in my preferred style, tailor things and provide clear direction means that he’s like a board of directors – someone I can lean on for any transformational or roadblock eliminating projects.
    – Arjun Paliwal
    Director & Head of Research, InvestorKit Buyers Agency
  • Customer Return uncovered opportunities to help us increase levels of repeat, retained, and referred business.
    – Peter Bowman
    Head of Marketing, FSP Group
  • Nathan quickly showed us how to create an entirely new revenue stream to increase our profit and improve our sales process.
    – Pete Wargent
    AllenWargent Property Buyers

    What you get with the Strategic Selling program:

    Week 1

    Sales review

    We evaluate your current sales approach to provide a strategy report, outlining key priorities with timeframes to inform our workshop content.
    Week 2

    Half day workshop

    Build your sales strategy, messaging and process, so you can implement with ease. This can be run with your sales team, management group or firm, in an online/offline meeting or conference setting.
    Week 3

    Sales strategy doc

    A bespoke sales strategy doc is provided with full content, key points and checklists for your sales process, so you won’t have to suffer from sales FOMO again.
    Week 4

    Coaching session

    Stress-test your sales strategy so you can fast track your results and ensure it keeps working for you when it counts.

    A few sales scenarios we help with:

    At Customer Return, we help clients with everything from selling more existing services, to developing new services and revenue streams.

    Scenario 1
    Increasing client engagement

    Ever wondered why some clients don’t buy more of the service they’re using? Get the messaging and 4 – step process for increasing client engagement.

    Scenario 2
    Offering more value

    Ever wondered why some clients don’t buy a complementary service? Get the messaging and 4 – step process for offering clients more value.

    Scenario 3
    Introducing new services

    Ever wondered if clients would buy a new service? Get the messaging and 4 – step process for introducing a new service to existing clients.

    How it works:


    Book a free sales review
    We’ll review your current sales approach, discuss current challenges and identify how we can help.


    Invest half a day to optimise sales opportunities
    Get a clear strategy so you can break down silos, get everyone on the same page and generate more revenue.


    Generate more revenue
    Equipped with the right strategy, you’ll have a steady stream of new and repeat business boosting your growth.

    What to expect when you book a free sales review:

    “How can we generate more revenue?”

    In this call, we will:

    • Talk about your sales strategy
    • Understand your goals and priorities
    • Provide key recommendations to clarify your sales process

    It’s time to attract more of the ideal clients you deserve.

    Attracting your ideal clients?

    Complete our 2 minute sales self-evaluation today and receive your results (and the 3 sales sins) instantly.


    Who is this for?
    Small to large businesses benefit from Customer Return programs. We tailor our programs to your business and can run them for sales teams, management groups, or in a meeting or conference setting.
    Will this be good value?
    We never want to take on a client unless both parties are confident of getting a 3-fold return on investment within 3 months of implementation. While it’s easy to underestimate the cost of low conversion and referral rates, sub optimal client values and long sales cycles… our program is an investment in our clients’ ongoing business growth.
    Will this be a fit for our business?
    Are you selling a service in a competitive market where prospects can sometimes struggle to choose the best provider? If so, you’re the type of client our program was designed for. A compelling message will help you attract more ideal clients. Visit for over 75 testimonials from businesses like yours.
    How much time will it take?
    Our programs require approximately 8 hours investment of your time over 4 weeks, although this can be tailored to your preference and needs. Ultimately this will save you time. As you keep using your new messaging, skills and habits, you’ll attract ideal clients faster and have shorter sales meetings.
    How do you help ensure our return on investment?

    Our programs are designed to expedite your return on investment by:

    • Addressing your biggest challenges and growth opportunities
    • Outlining key risks and recommendations to optimise ongoing outcomes
    • Capturing your key content in your style, so you are comfortable using it
    • Coaching to help fast-track implementation for different scenarios
    • Tailoring content and delivering to your team dynamics and business goals
    What do you need from me during the program?
    All we ask is that you complete our pre-workshop questionnaire so we can tailor our program for you and that you participate in our workshop and coaching sessions so you can implement the content to fast track your results.

    Go from sales FOMO to seizing opportunities.