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Are you easy to buy from?

Written by Nathan Williams on .

A Poor Pitch Closes The Door…

We never get a second chance to make a first impression – a lot of sales are lost in the first few minutes before we get a chance to demonstrate our expertise as a poor Pitch closes the door on us. So with this in mind, let’s talk about a few big pitfalls we can avoid when Pitching our business…

Information overload

While people prefer different levels of information (some just want the headlines while others want the details), our prospects are busy – if we try and throw more than one or two key messages at them or if we don’t have a single sentence or slide which sums up our big idea and a story which is easy to grasp, we run the risk of being forgotten.

Is your passion a problem?

I once coached a client who was preparing a sixty second Pitch for a networking event and asked him to email his content. While we can only deliver about 140 words per minute…I received 719 words, or just over five minutes worth of content!

This is a common challenge…we’re all passionate about our businesses and it can be tough to simplify our message into 60 seconds or less. Without the correct Pitch structure and understanding our audience and the level of detail required, it’s impossible to grab people’s attention and attract the business we deserve.

Get the business you deserve

Our prospects are short on time, spoiled for choice and have limited attention spans. We can create a lot of value, but if we can’t communicate it in a compelling manner and cut through the noise, we’ll miss out on the business that we deserve.

Are you attracting the ideal clients you deserve?

The benefits of developing a Perfect Pitch can be substantial, so if you don’t have in – house expertise, seek help. Customer Return help small and medium sized businesses attract more of their ideal clients, faster.

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