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Is your pitch attracting the ideal clients you deserve?

Written by Nathan Williams on .

What’s a pitch?

While there are many different pitches, it might be as simple as a twenty second answer to ‘So, what do you do?’ or a formal presentation to a prospect, client, referral partner or investor. We could be selling services or just selling an idea where we earn the right to take the next step in the sales process.

Give me an example…

Ever asked someone ‘So, what do you do?’ and almost immediately regretted it? Of course you have! Whether you received a short response (‘I’m an ‘x’’) which left the conversation nowhere to go, or perhaps an overly detailed answer accompanied by a full verbal resume, too many people miss the mark when it comes to answering this question.

If we can’t explain what we do in a clear and compelling manner, then how can we expect others to buy from us or refer us to their network? People are too busy to decipher what we do and why they should care.

We need to ensure we deliver a brief, relevant message which is easy for them to recall and relay to others. This gives us the benefit of the doubt and opens the door to opportunity.

Why should I care?

Our pitch is the pivotal moment which determines success or failure – if we get it right, everything follows and if we don’t, nothing follows. Everything else is about process.

While too many conversations fail to uncover an unrealised client or referral opportunity lurking just below the surface, it’s up to us to ensure that we’re easy to buy from and easy to refer. Understanding our audience and expressing our value simply and with confidence is key.

Our Pitch is often the difference between attracting our ideal clients, or not. We already create a lot of value, if we can communicate it effectively we’ll attract more of the ideal clients and referrals we deserve.

Are you attracting the ideal clients you deserve?

The benefits of developing a Perfect Pitch can be substantial. If you don’t have the in-house expertise to do so – seek help. Customer Return help small and medium sized firms to help them attract more of their ideal clients, faster.

Got the Perfect Pitch? Try our 2 minute perfect pitch self-evaluation today.